The Chamber music courses are aimed at already established groups wishing to perfect their repertoire and deepen their knowledge.

Under the guidance of our professors, the students will explore a range of challenging music in depth, focusing on ensemble technique in an immersive and collaborative environment. Each day, students will warm up as a whole school before rehearsing in their chamber groups (string quartets, piano trios, wind quintets and more). Our specialized professors will assist students in developing essential ensemble skills such as tuning and intonation, communication, dynamics and phrasing. Students gain a deep understanding of musical style, encouraging them to think about and interpret the historical and cultural context of the music.

At the end of the course, the ensembles identified by the teacher will be given the opportunity to perform in concert in "Le Corti dell'Arte" Festival.

The individual registration fee, to be paid in the ways indicated in the rules, is € 40.00. The individual attendance fee is € 140.00 for the Duo; € 120.00 for the Trios; € 100.00 for ensemble from Quartet.

Chamber Music courses are taught by the professors: MAURO TORTORELLI (17/23 August) and PATRIZIO SERINO (27/31 August)