All those who sojourn among the verdant hills of Cava de'Tirreni are aware of the friendliness of the town and hospitality of its people. Cava de' Tirreni has been called "Little Switzerland" since the time of Goethe, and "Bologna of the South" because of its architecture. It is the ideal place to spend one's holiday, among the green woods and the enchanting sea of the coast of Amalfi.

The town is formed by a cluster of low buildings, the Borgo, and many picturesque villages connected to it by panoramic roads.

The Corpo of Cava, where the Trinity Abbey is, and all other villages, Pregiato, S. Anna, S. Giuseppe, S. Lucia, Annunziata, S. Pietro, Rotolo, Dupino, Alessia, Marini, Castagneto, Cesinola, S. Arcangelo, Passiano, S. Maria del Rovo, S. Martino, have medieval origins.

The 15th century medieval Borgo was named after an ancient family of notables, the Scacciavento.

The trading society of Cava de' Tirreni was born in this Borgo: all handicraftsmen or merchants had their own workshop and each one built his own porch out front.

That is why all the porticos in Cava are different one from another. Only later on the merchants of the Borgo Scacciaventi built dwellings over their shops. Nowadays the Borgo Scacciaventi is still living by trade and handicrafts and architecture has been kept untouched since 1400 as a modern witness of the past.

The Places Where it is and how you can get there:

Cava de' Tirreni is in Campania (km 42 from Naples) and you can get there by train, by bus or by car (Motorway A3 - 50 km from Capodichino Airport Naples).