The Accademia Musicale "Jacopo Napoli" is a Music Institute funded in 1987 in Cava de' Tirreni, an Italian city near Naples and Amalfi Coast, committed to the promotion of music events. 

The Accademia Musicale "Jacopo Napoli" organizes the International Summer Academy since 1987: many important performers and professors are invited to teach on our courses in Cava de' Tirreni: the music courses annually attract hundreds of young musicians from all over the world who receive advanced training under the guidance of internationally renowned teachers and performers.

The Academy also supervises the scheduling and organisation of a series of annual music events:

1. The International Summer Academy
2. "Le Corti dell'Arte" Chamber Music Festival
3. The "Jacopo Napoli Competition"

In the past, the Accademia organized the singing competition "Vissi d'Arte" in the city of Eboli (near Salerno), as well as the International Festival "Amalfi Coast Music Festival" (still existing) and the festival "Ravello in America" in the city of Washington, in partnership with the Catholic University of America.